Client Profile:

The Hand Center | Jupiter, Florida

Client Overview:
Hand Center, based in Jupiter, Florida, specializes in Needle Aponevrotomy, a minimally invasive office treatment for hands crippled by Dupuytren’s contracture.

Founded by Dr. Charles Eaton, the Center’s advanced surgical techniques are in demand from patients all over the world, with people travelling thousands of miles for in-person consultations with Dr. Eaton and his staff.

Security Challenge
Communicating via email with some of these potential patients proved to be a difficult task due to strict government regulations with regard to patient privacy.

HIPAA requirements prohibit the use of unencrypted email platforms, yet patients still insisted on emailing photographs and questions directly to the doctor, endangering their own personal privacy, and putting The Hand Center’s practice at risk of potential exposure or heavy fines.

Security Solution:
With this challenge in mind, Then Hand Center set out to find a solution to their problem. SenditCertified initiated a private-beta trial with The Hand Center.

The trial involved the doctors and nurses engaging in email-like correspondence using a a SecureInbox.

The SecureInbox was tailored with “seamless” branding and placed directly onto the existing Hand Center website. Patients were instructed to complete a simple contact form, and attach photographs of their hand(s) in a specific fashion, via this secure web-based platform.

The creation, transmission, and storage of these messages and photograph files are all protected via the SenditCertified secure encryption modules and SAS 70 Type II data facility. The HIPAA requirement is stated plainly on the website adjacent to the form, with a strict warning not to use unsecure email to communicate with Dr. Eaton and his staff.

“Our SecureInbox is a great way to connect with patients searching for the best medical treatment. From our website, patients can send digital images or video files which I can review then make recommendations about our services.  Before the patient even schedules their first appointment we know whether or not we are the appropriate option.”
– Dr. Charles Eaton, The Hand Center