How It Works

To begin, you simply compose your message – either in Outlook, on your mobile phone or tablet, or via the SenditCertified website from any internet-connected device. Regardless of where you compose the message, when you send an email from one of SenditCertified’s secure applications, your message and all attachments are protected with AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption during transmission to SenditCertified’s secure servers, where they await delivery.

When the recipient is ready to accept the message, they quickly and easily authenticate themselves to gain access to the message and file(s). With SenditCertified, you have the option to choose your delivery requirements – select from electronic acknowledgement, add an access code, or even biometric authentication. Best of all – your recipients do not need to stop and register – they can simply use their standard web browser to retrieve the protected message.

When the receiver replies to your message, the return message and files are quickly transferred back along the same secure, encrypted pathway. It’s never been easier to send and receive encrypted messages and files.

The attachments can be almost any size and contain almost any kind of content. And you can send them to anyone. Recipients do not have to register or download anything, to receive or reply to your secure emails.


Secure. Simple. Always Available

Sending secure email is simple and intuitive. Just log into your SenditCertified account via the Internet or Outlook, and Compose, SelectPick, and Attach. It’s that simple.

  • Compose your message.
  • Select recipients from a simple dropdown list, or add them on the fly, then choose delivery requirements.
  • Pick the delivery options for each recipient.
  • Attach from your private vault of files or select new files from your local drive, even audio or video. Send up to 10 very large files with any message.




  • Eliminate the risks associated with standard email. The “store and forward” technology used by traditional email platforms leaves copies of your messages on dozens of transitional servers. Our cloud-based technology cuts those servers out of the equation. Instead of relaying your information from server to server, SecurePackage relays it through an encrypted pathway and stores it in the cloud. Your data is only passed to the recipient who meets your level of authentication.
  • Send information securely to anyone you want. A SenditCertified account is not required for others to receive information that you send them.
  • Choose the level of security you need. You have total control over who can view, print, save or download the information that you send. You can require your recipient to accept your communication by simple acknowledgement, PIN or fingerprint.
  • Maintain a complete chain of custody for each SecurePackage that you send. Know exactly when your message is received and when attachments are viewed, downloaded or printed. It’s FedEx® style tracking for your confidential online communications.
  • Send text, audio, video, and document attachments all in one message. Keep it all together, and keep it all safe.
  • Send almost any file you want. SecurePackage has few restrictions on file size or type, so now you can send large data files, videos or pictures that you can’t always send via regular email – without the hassle of FTP or the expense and delay of burning large files to a disc and sending them via courier.
  • Recall messages. Unlike traditional email, you have the ability to truly recall a SecurePackage from the cloud. Recall a message if you discover that you sent the wrong information the first time, or if you simply change your mind.
  • Speed the process of doing business with SecurePackage alerts. Text or email alerts can be sent to you or to your recipients to let them know they have information awaiting them.
  • Protect yourself and those with whom you communicate. All files are automatically scanned for viruses and malware.
  • Protect yourself against legal and ethical transgressions. For example, SecurePackage’s strong encryption and authentication features ensure that you maintain HIPAA and GLBA regulations and avoid the costly penalties associated with non-compliance.



  • Complete transactions online quickly, safely and economically with our SecureSignature feature. Instead of taking the time and paper to print, sign, scan and send a document, you can sign online easily.
  • You can send a document to someone else for a signature, or you can sign a document first and send it to your recipient for a counter-signature. Like an electronic Post-It note, annotation capabilities make it easy to identify where your recipient needs to sign.
  • SecureSignature authenticates the identity of the signer and ensures that the document has not been altered.
  • Because they are cryptographically based, electronic signatures are even more difficult to forge than handwritten signatures – and they stand up in court, fully compliant with the federal ESIGN Act.
  • Stop paying expensive courier services or worrying about reliability.



  • Secure, cloud-based document storage provides online access to your confidential files from any computer, any time. No need to transport data on a laptop or storage device that can be lost, stolen or destroyed. You can travel unburdened and access the information from any computer with an internet connection.
  • Free up more space on your local drives by deleting files that you have stored in your SecureVault.
  • Increased reliance on digital copies of legal documents, financial records and important business files means the value of those items can’t be measured in terms of dollars and cents, so it’s extremely important to keep that information safe and secure. SecureVault keeps the digital documents you deem sensitive on a secure server, easily accessible through a secure cloud.
  • Restrict access with SecureVault’s View Only option. Allow recipients to view the information you send them, without allowing them to download or save the actual files. Your data remains secure – protected from hackers, spammers and identity thieves.
  • Other storage solutions aren’t as secure, as every time you open a document you have to download it – placing a copy on your computer and exposing the data to a possible security breach.



  • As a SenditCertified subscriber, you have your own SecureInbox that lets you receive private messages and attachments from anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • When you provide the link to your SecureInbox, anyone can send information to you securely, without being a SenditCertified subscriber.
  • SecureInbox allows you to open a line of communication without publishing your email address.
  • Your Secure Inbox ensures that you, and only you – are able to receive the messages and files that your contacts send to you in confidence.
  • SecureInbox is a safer alternative to traditional email, eliminating spam and viruses.