Client Profile:

Reimbursement Management Consultants, Inc. Portland, Oregon

Client Overview:
Reimbursement Management Consultants (RMC), Inc. is a Northwest based consulting firm, specializing in Coding Compliance Reviews, Coding Support Services as well as consulting and education services. RMC assists Compliance Professionals in providing the necessary services to ensure hospitals and physicians practices are in compliance. RMC performs reviews for governmental agencies, attorneys, as well as healthcare institutions.

Security Challenge
RMC had an existing need for a project management and communication application. They had been using Microsoft SharePoint, however the SharePoint platform was lacking the required security for the collaborative efforts of RMC. They could not continue to use Microsoft SharePoint in some cases, and needed to find a new secure platform. RMC needed to be able to quickly share information with outside individuals in a timely, yet controlled manner.

Security Solution:

Selected Technology: Secure Collaboration with eProjects
RMC implemented Secure Collaboration, a robust platform to send, receive and share sensitive documents, tasks, and other information with outside parties in a completely controlled, encrypted environment. Multiple projects can be managed by the Project Administrator, via the user-friendly control panel. Participants need not have an account, and can be quickly added and removed during the lifecycle of the project. This application was perfectly suited to fit the complex, fast-moving pace of the consultative work performed by RMC.

  • Rights Management with multi-factor authentication, even biometrics
  • AES 256-bit encryption technology (highest commercially available)
  • View-only and watermarking protects sensitive information from unwanted disclosure
  • Anyone can be “invited” into an eProject, assigned rights by the administrator, and dismissed permanently when the project is complete
  • Rights management can be applied to individual documents, or entire document libraries for quick and easy dissemination of data
  • Real-time access log tracks each participant as they gain access to the Secure Collaborationo
  • When a document is no longer needed, it can be permanently and irrevocably deleted, with no traces of meta-data left behind