Client Profile:

Odell International | Huntersville, North Carolina

Client Overview:
Odell International is a recognized leader in the field of providing program management services in the functional disciplines necessary for project success. Odell provides premier management, technical, and advisory services to design, engineer, develop, and operate major institutional systems and projects on a global basis. Through a long history of regional, national, and international success, Odell has become known for its excellent record of providing superior value to its clients.

Security Challenge

Odell International (OI) had two major issues that needed a solution. First and foremost, they were seeking the ability to send text and data in audio and video formats, as well as large volume design project documents. They could not send either via regular email as the files were too large, and they had to be secured. Secondly, OI was seeking a solution with a collaborative functionality, which would allow them to share information with both team members and outside participants on a “need to know” basis.

Security Solution:

Selected Technologies: Secure Messaging
Secure Collaboration with eProjects
Odell first implemented Secure Messaging, to ensure that sensitive and confidential information was transmitted securely. In addition, they were able to digitally send big (large file) project documents which email could not previously handle. Secure Messaging also allows senders to add voice and video to their messages.

Secure Messaging combined with Secure Collaboration, provides OI a robust platform to send, receive and share sensitive documents, tasks, and orders with outside parties in a completely controlled, encrypted environment.

  • Rights Management with multi-factor authentication, even biometrics
  • AES 256-bit encryption technology (highest commercially available)
  • View-only and watermarking protects sensitive information from unwanted disclosure
  • Participant may be classified with restricted or full rights
  • Rights may be revoked by administrator with a single click
  • Proof of delivery provides complete audit trial of all sensitive messages and data

“We use the eProject internally to coordinate Odell International projects, and also externally with our clients.  It allows us to assign tasks and share deliverables in a controlled environment.”
– Keith Baker | Odell International