Client Profile:

Newcomer, Shaffer, Spangler & Breininger Bryan, Ohio

Client Overview:
The Newcomer, Shaffer, Spangler & Breininger law firm handles personal injury, wrongful death, probate, real estate, workers compensation and general civil and criminal practice cases. The firm has been serving clients for over 100 years and has two offices in Ohio, one in Bryan and one in Montpelier

Security Challenge
Newcomer, Shaffer, Spangler & Breininger needed a method to continue communication with clients, even while traveling outside of the office. They were very concerned about the safety of their confidential information, and wanted to provide a secure option for clients who prefer to use email. Additionally, they needed to share large files (10+ MB) with other parties in confidence.

Security Solution:

Selected Technologies:
SenditCertified Personal SecureInbox for Individual Attorneys
The firm implemented individual SecureInboxes for their partner attorneys, and provide their clients the ability to initiate secure messages directly.

They also utilize the large-file-transfer capability with SenditCertified. One attorney in particular, uses his account vault to store files that he will need to access during meetings that occur outside of the office.That way, he can access the document(s) needed during the meeting, without having to store them on a laptop, which could be compromised if the device became stolen or lost.

  • AES 256-bit encryption technology (highest commercially available)
  • Protection against accidental exposure to private or privileged information
  • Proof of delivery provides complete audit trial of client records, messages, and files
  • Send and receive large files with ease
  • Load Outlook contacts right into the SenditCertified account, no need for duplicate entry

“I think having the secure capability has helped with those of my clients who like to work with email (more and more). They appreciate the confidentiality but I think even more they like the ability to send me information in a secure manner. I now routinely use it when sending any significant financial information, drafts of sensitive docs, medical records, or anything with a social security number on it.”
– David Newcomer, Attorney | Newcomer, Shaffer, Spangler & Breininger