Client Profile:

Mid-Carolina Cardiology | Charlotte, North Carolina

Client Overview:
Mid-Carolina Cardiology (MCC) is one of the largest cardiovascular groups in the Carolinas.

With 27 physicians and 6 practice locations, they provide some of the regions highest quality and most effective cardiovascular and preventive medical services.

Security Challenge
For 12 years, Mid Carolina Cardiology has utilized a robust electronic medical records system.

However, what was lacking was a methodology to upload and transfer medical records electronically to other providers, hospitals and patients as well as a system for secure, HIPAA compliant email communication with patients.

Security Solution:

Selected Technologies: Secure Messaging
Corporate Secure Inbox with custom field design
MCC implemented a custom designed Corporate Secure Inbox (CSI) and embedded the form on their clinics shared website. Referring physicians can send private patient information, health records, and instructions to MCC, in a HIPAA compliant manner, without the need to have an identical EMR system.

MCC also uses the Secure Messaging product to send out-bound messages back to the referring doctors, as well as directly to patients. MCC employees utilize Secure Messages to send confidential test results, dosing instructions, medication information, and more.

  • Allows files to be uploaded, stored, and transmitted securely
  • AES 256-bit encryption technology (highest commercailly available)
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Proof of delivery provides complete audit trial of patient records, messages, and files

“This system allowed us to keep the continuity of care intact, and did not require any employee training. Now our patients can get their confidential test results digitally instead of by telephone, and we have proof of delivery showing exactly when the message was received.”
— Steve McAdams, MD and CEO of Mid-Carolina Cardiology