Client Profile:

Force Protection

Client Overview:
Force Protection, Inc. is a global leader in blast- and ballistic-protected armored vehicles and other survivability products. Formed in 1997, Force Protection has become the nation’s leading center for blast technology and counter improvised explosive device (IED) research. They design, manufacture, test, deliver and support blast- and mine-protected vehicles around the world. These products are important in protecting American and allied troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Security Challenge
Force Protection had a need to protect confidential deployment information, as well as PII (personal identification information). As a civilian company that communicates directly with the Departments of the Army and United States Marine Corps, they were not able to use regular email for sending such data, and other methods of delivery were too slow. They needed to rapidly get data into the hands of recipients who were on protected networks, however Force Protection was not inside those networks so a third-party security solution was the best option.

Security Solution:

Selected Technology: SenditCertified
Force Protection implemented a SenditCetrified subscription for all individuals in the South Carolina-based facility that handle sending of sensitive and confidential information, both internally and outside of their networks.

The SenditCertified platform allows Force Protection to communicate securely to the battlefields and Quantico.

  • Allows armored vehicle ballistics files to be uploaded, stored, and transmitted securely
  • AES-256 bit encryption technology (highest commercially available)
  • Supports Department of Justice protection of Critical Infrastructure
  • Safe for sending of healthcare, legal, and financial services transactions
  • Proof of delivery provides complete audit trial of all messages and data

“Our recipients have all been very receptive. We are sending to the DOJ and USMC, which is where the JPO (Joint Programs Office) use comes in. Many of our recipients have commented that receiving a SecurePackage through SenditCertified is easier to deal with than communications sent via other products.”

– Theresa “Terry” Reeves, Force Protection