We constantly improve our SenditCertified product and user experience. In 2016, we’ll be implementing enhanced Outlook add-in functionality as well as a MAC version of the SenditCertified Desktop application.
Traditional email uses a ‘store and forward’ technology, leaving copies of your message on dozens of servers. Messages exchanged through SenditCertified’s platform are transmitted on a private encrypted pathway. Each message is stored securely until the recipient has provided the necessary authentication requirements. Unlike traditional email, you can easily retain total control over who can view, print, save or download the information that you send by requiring your recipient to provide a simple acknowledgement, access code or fingerprint.
Privacy Data Systems has implemented standards that have been set by NIST in collaboration with the US intelligence community. Per FIPS 197, Privacy Data Systems utilizes AES 256-bit encryption.
Biometric Authentication is the verification of one’s identity by a physical characteristic. SenditCertified offers biometric authentication of sender, recipient or both with our AuthenticationPlus feature.
SenditCertified handles secure text, voice and video messaging, as well as file attachments of any size or type.
You can send files up to 2 GB with an Individual account, and even larger files with a Corporate account.
Yes, you can send secure emails to anyone. Your recipients do not need to be SenditCertified user and they do not have to download any software.
SecureInbox makes it possible for people to send you secure messages and files without a SenditCertified account. Just share the link to your SecureInbox with the people who need it and it works as a secure Contact Me form. You can also use the SenditCertified Button graphic in your email signature or on your website.
The Proof of Delivery log tracks when a message is created, when the email alert is sent, when delivery is accepted and when audio/video recordings or attachments are viewed or downloaded. If an attachment or recording is viewed or downloaded more than once, the delivery log will keep a record of the activity.
Your files are stored securely in your SecureVault until you delete them.  If you require a retention policy, we can customize one for you.
Yes. SecureVault keeps your confidential digital documents on a secure server, easily accessible through a secure cloud. This system provides online access to your confidential files from any computer, any time, through an internet connection. There is no need to transport data on a laptop or storage device that can be lost, stolen or destroyed.
Yes. SenditCertified complies with the transmission safeguards required by the Department of Health and Human Services as found in 164.312(e).
Yes. Complete transactions online quickly, safely and easily with SenditCertified’s SecureSignature feature. Send a document to a recipient for signature, or sign a document first and send it to a recipient for a counter-signature. (Like an electronic Post-It™note, annotation capabilities make it easy to identify where your recipient needs to sign.)
Yes. SecureSignature authenticates the identity of the signer and ensures that the document has not been altered. Because they’re cryptographically based, electronic signatures are difficult to forge. They stand up in court, fully compliant with the Federal ESIGN Act.
Individual subscriptions start at $14.50 a month. Corporate plans include up to five subscribers for $49.95 a month. View all pricing and plan options at http://www.privacydatasystems.com/plans.
SenditCertified is supported on most laptop and desktop operating systems, including Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X. Click here for specific requirements.
Yes. Privacy Data Systems offers add-ins for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. You can use the add-ins to connect to your SenditCertified account from a login button in Outlook and import your Outlook contacts into your SenditCertified account.
Yes. PDS offers a full-featured 14-day SenditCertified trial, which has all the capabilities of our individual subscription level. Register for a free trial and use it as much as you want – with no credit card required during registration. Easily upgrade to a subscription at any time.
You may cancel your account at any time. Your subscription will remain active until the end of the billing cycle. To cancel, please contact Support@PrivacyDataSystems.com.
A link is available on your SenditCertified Dashboard. For trial users and new subscribers beginning service after 7/10/13, the SenditCertified for Microsoft Outlook will also be offered during the registration process.
Yes. They will be listed in your Outbox, which is easily accessible from your Dashboard.
Yes. Just visit your SenditCertified Dashboard to recall the message.
The file is small. The download time depends on your Internet connection.
Microsoft Outlook 2007, Microsoft Outlook 2010, Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Microsoft Outlook 2016.
Yes. You will be prompted to provide your username and password when you use SenditCertified for Microsoft for Outlook. You will remain logged in until you logout of Outlook.