These Patents allow Privacy Data Systems to protect the confidential information of SenditCertified subscribers.  These Patents also will provide for future enhancements that will bring additional features and services to SenditCertified subscribers and other Privacy Data Systems services.

SenditCertified offers patented, web-based fingerprint authentication. When you register your fingerprint, the image is converted to a number similar to a bar code in a retail store. To further protect SenditCertified subscribers, SenditCertified creates a unique identification key of each fingerprint.  PDS is the only company that houses your fingerprint key on a secure cloud.  Unlike other fingerprint solutions, where the key is housed on the hardware device of the user, a cloud-based key cannot be breached with the loss of a user’s hardware.

At a very high level the Patents above generally cover Biometric Encrypted Email Systems.  In particular where the private biometric information such as fingerprint data is retained locally (e.g., in the User’s Device), while the authentication software for verification of the fingerprint algorithm outputs is retained remotely.  These Patents do not transmit the actual private biometric information, but instead convert the private biometric information into a key and then transmit the key to be stored on an external remote server. Moreover, these patents do not cover encryption systems that synchronize the relationship of encrypting and sending data directly between the sender and the receiver.