When your emails contain highly sensitive information, you may realize too late that a firewall isn’t sufficient to protect them from prying eyes looking to steal your valuable data. The best way to protect yourself is by installing a reliable email encryption software to keep your emails, particularly those needing hipaa encryption, fully secured.  Unfortunately, too many businesses and individuals don’t choose a secure email service because they simply don’t know how encryption works.

We’re here to explain it all in the simplest terms possible.  Once you understand the particulars, we’re sure you’re going to want to find encrypted email providers to handle your confidential correspondences.

Public Key Infrastructure

Think of a public key like going to an ATM to withdraw money. You have an ATM card and a PIN number that are exclusive to you and no one else.  This way you are the only person that can access your bank account. There may be other individuals who have your account and routing numbers in order to initiate direct deposits into that account. However, with this dual security system (card plus pin), no one else has the ability to withdraw cash from your account.

Email encryption is similar in this regard.  Other people can send you emails by using a public key. This key will encrypt that email before sending it to your account. As the owner of the account you possess your own private key to decrypt and read that email. You can give out a public key to anyone that wants to send you an email.  Much like your ATM card or pin, you are never to share your private key.

To respond, the owner simply sends a message encrypted through the private key where the recipient can retrieve it through the public key.

Accessing a Public Key

Third party online vendors pair public and private keys. These vendors then issue digital certificates that are given to the private owner along with their private decryption key. They then enter the public key into a directory that can be accessed by individuals looking to send encrypted messages to any owner of an encrypted account.

Encryption is vital to your business’s success and security.  Emails are among the most susceptible forms of communication that can be attacked by hackers and thieves. Even amateur hackers with limited skill sets can easily intercept emails. Using encryption to guard your emails is just good common sense in today’s digital world.

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