SenditCertified Automate™


SenditCertified Automate™ is an advanced communications technology for your multi-channeling strategy. Based on your workflows, instantly route and batch send secure communications, automatically with state-of-the-art security, tracking and proof of delivery.

SenditCertified Automate™ is patented, cloud-based, and ensures real-time delivery. Our approach utilizes the latest secure technology to offer an effective automated communications platform via secure email and text messages.

It’s easy to send several different letters, emails, statements, messages, files, and invoices, all at once, to thousands of different recipients – increasing efficiency and dramatically cutting costs.

Recipients don’t have to register or download software to receive messages and files and SenditCertified Automate™ messages are encrypted end-to-end to protect PHI and personal financial data. Our technology meets NIST standards, HIPAA/HITECH compliance and PCI requirements.


Secure Email

SenditCertified Automate™ is a patented, cloud-based system that ensures real-time email delivery without requiring recipients to register or download software to receive messages and files. SenditCertified Automate™ emails are encrypted end-to-end to protect PHI and personal financial data, with the technology also meeting NIST standards, HIPAA/HITECH compliance and PCI requirements.

SenditCertified Automate™ provides a new messaging channel for improved deliverability while enabling the routing of documents based on your workflows. This secure, instantaneous solution is also equipped with powerful tracking and proof of delivery options.


Text Message Notifications

SenditCertified Automate™ gives you the ability to deliver important messages and notifications right to the recipients’ pockets. SMS alerts can include email notification, billing reminders, payment confirmations, an opt-out feature, and a link to your website or payment portal.

SenditCertified Automate™ tracks and captures all relevant data securely while following regulations. Our concise messages improve response rates at a fraction of the cost of other present-day delivery systems while forming a personalized communication experience for your patients.


Features/Benefits include:

  • Compliance – Our highly secure data center and patented process minimizes your risks of exposure and helps you to maintain HIPAA and PCI regulatory compliance.
  • Security – End to end encryption, SSAE 16 SOC 2, Type II data center monitored 24×7 for your data protection.
  • Tracking – Proof of delivery, full audit records and tracking including open rates and bounce-backs.
  • Ease of Use – No recipient sign-up required means that your recipients will not have to create an account or access a portal to receive letters or notices from you.
  • Fully Automated – Once SenditCertified Automate™ is configured, it runs automatically.  Simply upload your FACS  or data file(s), map fields, and set a time for your letters to automatically go out when you want them to.
  • Customizable –  Optional features to create your automate package with secure email and text message.



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