For most businesses, email and document security is a primary concern. If you have ever been put in charge of this task, you know the importance of maintaining the privacy of confidential documents. Clients, customers, colleagues, and partners rely on your company to keep their sensitive information properly stored and protected. However, you must balance this safety requirement with the need to quickly and easily access and transfer documents and files.

Powered by Privacy Data Systems, SenditCertified is a patented solution that offers secure email, large file transfer, electronic signature, cloud storage, voice and video messaging, detailed reporting, message recall, multi-channeling communications and more. Easy for both you and your recipients, cost-effective, and no training or maintenance required.


What Can SenditCertified Do For You?

Our quick and easy, yet secure services include:

  • End-to-end secure email with proof of delivery
  • Unlimited electronic signatures
  • Patented biometric authentication
  • Secure cloud storage
  • Easy large file transfer
  • Detailed activity log reports
  • Safe and easy access to files and documents


SenditCertified is trusted by clients in many industries, including healthcare, dental, legal services, CPAs and financial services, and real estate. SenditCertified is the best in email security, without having to compromise efficiency.

Our end-to-end protection means that your files are guaranteed to arrive safely. We utilize multiple layers of protection to meet our high standards, including:

  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Malware/virus scanning
  • Password protection
  • Patented biometric technology

Our military-level monitoring system is hard at work all day, every day, to protect your business and its clients. You can rest assured knowing that your files are secured by our state of the art technology.


Why Choose SenditCertified?

At SenditCertified, we are committed to providing the most secure yet efficient email solutions to our customers. Your clients expect confidentiality, but will not compromise on performance. With SenditCertified, you can safely and securely send and receive files from anywhere, at any time. Your clients can easily receive and reply to these safeguarded messages without the burden of downloading any software or jumping through complicated hoops.

Our solutions are safe, secure, efficient, and ready when you are. For more information, contact SenditCertified today and sign up for your 14-day free trial.